Splinter Cell 6 in development

Splinter Cell 6

Earlier this year Jade Raymond of Ubisoft revealed that her Toronto studio was working on a new Splinter Cell game. Turns out that game will be Splinter Cell 6, the next entry in the core series.

"We’re working on Splinter Cell 6, the next iteration of the blockbuster franchise, and we’re doing it entirely here in Toronto," explained Raymond in a promotional video. She also adds that 83 people have been hired and gameplay production has already begun.

This may come as a bit of a surprise since Ubisoft Montreal has been in charge of the Splinter Cell series up to this point. But it looks like that studio is now focusing on the Assassin’s Creed series, leaving the newly formed Ubisoft Toronto to take the lead on this project.

Splinter Cell: Conviction, released earlier this year, was a slight departure from previous Splinter Cell titles. We’ll see if Jade Raymond and her team at Ubisoft Toronto follow that trend with Splinter Cell 6.



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