Sucker Punch and DC Announce inFAMOUS comic


The game inFAMOUS follows the exploits of Cole. His story is heavily inspired by superhero comics, and the first inFAMOUS game really serves as Cole’s backstory, explaining why and how he got his superpowers. Most of the cutscenes in the game are even drawn like a comic book.

inFAMOUS is supposed to be a virtual comic book, and now, finally, there is going to be an actual comic book. One written and drawn on paper where you have no say in the action, or Cole’s decisions. You just have to read and enjoy.

The inFAMOUS comic will cover the gap between the first and second games, and is being described with words and phrases like "heart-stopping," "sinister motives," "dark secrets," and "threat to Cole and all of mankind," so it will probably be all of those things.

The comic will last for six volumes an will be written by William Harms and drawn by artist Eric Nguyen. The above (and below) image is a cover drawn by artist Doug Mahnke, and it proves that as long as you are in a comic book, even loose fitting jackets can still show off muscle tone.

The comic will be be available in both digital and physical forms, and the first issue will be available in March 2011.




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