Super Mario Galaxy director Koizumi–The interview

Mario GalaxyLast week we brought you an interview with Mr. Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and big influence with the latest Mario game, Super Mario Galaxy. This week we have another interview, this time from Super Mario Galaxy director Yoshiaki Koizumi.

As always, reading the full article is probably best, but for those of you that still don’t have enough spare time to read it (thought you would have learned your lesson from the last article) here is the basic gist.

The most interesting part of the whole interview is when Mr. Koizumi talks about how food influenced a lot of the level design in Mario Galaxy. Everything from pancakes with bean paste, from watermelons, to peanuts–is all present in some form in Mario Galaxy.

Turns out this food design implementation has stretched back all the way to Mario Sunshine, and for Koizumi he says it is an excellent way to describe to those working under him how to create what he wants.

Also interesting was how Koizumi and Miyamoto would come up with amazing new ideas which were denied from the game because the staff under them said the features did not feel like a Mario game. Luckily for us, they listened since Mario Galaxy is one heck of a game.

[Via GameDaily]


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