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By Anthony LaBella, September 10, 2013 0 Features, Interviews

Steam Early Access was introduced earlier this year in March, and since then the program has made a huge impact on Valve’s digital distribution service. The process involves independent developers submitting unfinished versions of games on Steam, essentially acting like… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, April 19, 2012 0 Previews

This metroidvania-style action-platformer stars a down-on-his-luck Mexican trying to save the world with nothing but spandex tights, a luchador mask, and his own fists and feet. Oh, and there’s also his ability to switch between dimensions at will.¬†Guacamelee!¬†stands out among… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, April 11, 2012 1 Interviews, Previews, Videos

GamerNode met with SEGA and Arkedo Studio at PAX East 2012, where we had the opportunity to speak with studio head and founder Camille Guermonprez about the developer’s upcoming release, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, while getting a… Read More »