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As the longest console generation in history comes to a close, the GamerNode staff reflects on the games that made this era so great. Games of the Generation is a new GamerNode original feature that allows us to share that passion and nostalgia for the most memorable and significant titles of the last eight years — since November 22, 2005, specifically — and explain why these games have defined a generation and will forever stand as touchstones in gaming history.

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The controversy surrounding L.A. Noire was followed shortly by the closing of developer Team Bondi. Now former studio head Brendan McNamara is finally opening up about the turmoil surrounding the game. In his first interview since Team Bondi’s collapse, McNamara… Read More »

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Two days ago it was revealed that the developer behind L.A. Noire, Team Bondi, will be shutting down. Now news has come out detailing a fairly significant debt involving the company staff. Documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investments… Read More »

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L.A. Noire¬†may have gotten a positive critical reception and solid sales numbers, but developer Team Bondi has been filled with issues since the game’s release. Now it appears that the studio will be shutting down for good, according to multiple… Read More »

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When the ESRB tags a video game with an M rating, the purpose is to warn potential customers about suggestive and explicit content. These kinds of games have generated plenty of controversy, from titles like Night Trap to Manhunt 2…. Read More »

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L.A. Noire challenges many of the preconceptions associated with modern gaming. What it does to separate itself from the usual… Read More »