The journey to the BioShock review

Red ring of BioShock death

Normally I wouldn’t bother making a news post for a new review, but this was no normal review.

After sharing what I had to go through to get the BioShock review done on time with 2K ("Are you sure Jack [Thompson] still isn’t mad at you and messing with you with some sort of EMP?" one of them asked me) I thought it would be fun to share here, too.

Long story short? This has been the hardest review I’ve ever had to do. No, not because it’s like Traxxpad and I have no idea what it is I’m playing. Rather, because almost everything that could have gone wrong, DID go wrong. First, the game itself was delayed two days or so when it was "misplaced" during transit. I finally got it, and about 3 hours into the game… Whoops, red ring! The funny thing? I JUST got my 360 back from repairs less than two months ago. Wait, that’s not funny at all, is it? (Okay, maybe it is.)

So I borrowed a friend’s 360, and kept playing. The power went out, and it did something to the TV I was using. (It wasn’t the best one, thankfully, since I was packing some stuff up at the time.) So I had to hook it up to another smaller TV.

After that, the rechargable Plug n Play kit I’ve had since I first got my 360 (or whenever they came out if it was later after launch) stopped charging the battery. It had been acting up lately, but it still worked fine. I could have used some AAs, but guess what? I have no idea where I put the original battery cover for the 360 controller since I’ve only used rechargable ones since the day I got them.

Oh well. At least I got an excuse to buy a new recharge station out of it. Here’s hoping my next 360 will last long enough to beat Stranglehold…

In the end, though, I got the game finished and the review done. So check it out, and please, share your thoughts on BioShock.


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