This is why you European folk can't find Wiis. Also, stop buying Nintendogs.

European gamers are always going on about how US and Japanese companies always screw them over. Whether it be prices, later release dates, or games happening to use a word which is surprisingly offensive in England, it happens all too often. Well, Europe, you can’t complain any more, because you guys have bought 6 million Wiis. That’s right: Europe has purchased more Wiis than Japan. Software-wise, Wii Play is the big winner with 2.3 million units moved, while Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess have both sailed away with 1.3 million. Mario Party takes up a close fourth, having sold a pathetic 1 million. Get your head together, Mario Party, or you’re being left behind!

If that wasn’t enough for you, approximately 20 million DSs have been sold in Europe, along with roughly 8 million copies of the two Brain Training games. Oh, and another 8 million copies of Nintendogs.

Now that we know how many Wiis and DSs have found their way in Euro gamer hands, I propose we figure out how many of them are actively being played.

[via MCV]


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