Top 10: Video Game Music Covers on Youtube

The following is a list of the Top 10 Video Game Music Covers on YouTube, as selected by me (with input from Billy Wang). I tried to avoid a lot of the HUGE songs (such as the two guitar Mario dude, One-Winged Angel, and Nintendo Acapella, to name a few) and instead focus on the ones which were just as good (if not better), but had far less views. Of course, there are a couple exceptions, but hey, it happens. If you’re a fan of music, games, gaming music, or chicks playing violin, sit back, scroll down, and hit that big faded play button whenever the mood hits you.


10. Halo theme (Corporeal)

I’m well aware that by now, these guys (and these videos) are part of Halo and gaming lore. What many people forget, though, is the journey the former high-schoolers took from their talent show to performing live (and I like to pretend for me alone) at E3 this year. It’s awesome seeing the small things they improve upon between each, and as Kyle says, "Who doesn’t like a girl who plays the violin?"
9. Silent Hill – "Promise"
Sometimes, there’s something beautiful about simplicity. This piano-fied Silent Hill song may not have electric lights, bumping drums or loud guitars, but that doesn’t stop it from being an awesome song. Close your eyes, hit play, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.
8. God of War (Video Games Live, Yale)
Oh, God of War. Your fights are awesome, Kratos will forever remain one of gaming’s biggest badasses, and your soundtrack is epic. Thanks to the Video Game Live concerts, gamers all over the world were treated to live performances like this (and the one below), capturing the essence of the game they represented. Unlike many, though, the God of War one seems less like a concert, and more like the actual game music. If I saw someone watching some of the cutscenes on the bigscreen on their computer with the music playing, I wouldn’t doubt it if they told me it was a trailer. (Actually I would since I’ve seen all the trailers, but you know what I mean.)
7. Kingdom Hearts – "Simple and Clean" live (Utada Hikaru)
I know, I know. I said I would avoid HUGELY popular ones. But I really can’t help it. There’s just something about Utada’s voice that keeps me hitting play over and over… You want to get some odd looks from friends? Try making a mix CD that includes songs from Tupac, Tech N9ne, Public Enemy, and Utada Hikaru. (Plus, since she’s a fairly decent friend of mine, I think I’m sort of obligated to include her on a list like this; hell hath no fury like a Japanese pop idol scorned.)
6. Mega Man Electric Guitar Medley
This one’s not QUITE the same as the other videos here, as it’s a remix of several covers from Mega Man. How can I NOT include this, though? The Mega Man games have some of the greatest songs ever, but no one ever remembers that. At LEAST skip ahead to 4:40 for the awesome Bubbleman level. If that doesn’t get you pumped, you’re either dead or have no soul.
5. Mario Medley (Video Game Cover Band)
Is this the best cover of Mario songs you’ll ever hear? Not likely. Their music has a lot of mistakes, and the sound levels are off. What I LOVE, though, is when they add in little music bits not technically in the song, but that fit anyway. I’m all for adding your own touch to a very well-known song, and unlike many cover artists they manage to do that well.
4. Final Fantasy 3 – "Battle" (Parasprinter)
I’ve always loved this one. I’m always amazed at how fast the keyboardist can go with using only one hand, and the fact it sounds this great when recorded by a group of people in a rec center is a testament to their talent. Give these guys the kind of instruments and settings all the big concerts use, and I guarantee their stuff would be all over the Final Fantasy fansites.
3. Legend of Zelda Medley (Mario & Zelda Big Band Live)
Sure, there are Zelda medleys aplenty, and many of them are huge orchestrated affairs by some of the most well-known collections of musicians in the world. But big bands are just AWESOME. I’ve always loved them; I’ve always loved the Zelda music. Match made in heaven? You decide.
2. Sonic Medley (Video Games Live, London)
The problem with a lot of past gaming songs in concert is that, well, a lot of the "classics" don’t sound too hot fully orchestrated. This goes against that rule, though. From the hilarious chorus of "SEEEEEEGA!" at the beginning to the best-sounding Sonic music I’ve ever heard, this one is just absolutely astounding. Everyone who grew up playing Sonic should hear this. If only the current Sonic games were as good as this…
1. Metal Gear Solid 2/3 Theme (Eminence Orchestra)
There is no video game cover on the Internet that tops this one, in my opinion. Take your One-Winged Angels and Zelda Medleys; push aside your Shadow of the Colossi and Vagrant Stories. This has everything done right, and then some. Intermixed with awesome footage, featuring a sweet guitar, and not missing a beat, this is the perfect song to remind you that MGS4 is still a ways off, and you’re forced to wait to see how it ends. Until then, just rip the sound from this video and put it on repeat. It’s what I’m doing.


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    check out this Mega Man “I cant defeat airman” cover. fun song with lyrics:

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