Top 5 Gaming Quizzes

The point behind this T5T is short and simple: explore some of the best gaming quizzes that Sporcle has to offer. What’s Sporcle, you ask? is an interactive quiz website with user-made quizzes on just about any topic, the most important of which are obviously about gaming. If it sounds lame at first, that’s actually just because it sounds that way. In reality, these tests of knowledge can provide hours of entertainment, especially with friends. But before this sounds like a commercial for Sporcle, let’s get into the top 5 gaming quizzes from the website (and my first-time score for each of them in parentheses).

 super mario galaxy 2

5. Best Selling Video Games (40 out of 50)
Think you know a little something about game sales over the decade? I’ll give you a hint. Nintendo did pretty well.

 final fantasy vii

4. Name that Video Game (28 out of 30)
This one is just to give you hope. You’ll need the hope for the next one.

 chrono trigger

3. Video Games by Minor Characters (3 out of 200)
The three games that I got on this one: Chrono Trigger, Bioshock, Super Mario RPG. Good luck.

 super smash bros brawl

2. Super Smash Bros. (42 out of 42)
Alright, so I’ve played a lot of Smash Bros. Strangely enough, the toughest to remember were first generation Smash Bros.

 151 pokemon

1. Pokemon Characters (113 out of 151)
Gotta’ name ‘em all!

Can you do better?


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