VGChartz breaks down the console war

vgchartz chart

A recent article on does a really great job of breaking down the console war in terms of numbers.

The chartz (yea, that’s right) show that the 360 has a clear lead over the PS3 in the U.S of about 9 million units and a marginal lead of about 200,000 units in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia, which is apparently a place.  The PS3 leads in Japan by about 3.5 million units. Globally, the 360 is leading by about 5.7 million, though that gap seems to be tightening.

And perhaps just to prove the point that the 360/PS3 battle is a fly in the ointment to Nintendo, the final chart shows that even combined, PS3 and 360 sales only outsell the Wii by about 2.5 million units.  And they haven’t even started talking about the DS.

Check out this informative article over at VGChartz, linked below.



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