VS Node 10: Naughty or Nice

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Eddie, Jason, and Tyler talk about morality systems and the choices players make in videogames.

Eddie Inzauto, Jason Fanelli, and Tyler Cameron laugh through a discussion about morality in videogames, but still manage to think critically about the topic at hand. In an interesting discussion, they approach the material from a variety of angles and come out with some good insight and a better understanding of what makes such systems better or worse.

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00:00 – Welcome. Introductions. Weather.
01:48 – What we’ve been playing. Assassin’s Creed II, Uncharted 2, Left 4 Dead 2, inFAMOUS, Prototype, and a quick breakdown of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer.
07:56 – Morality systems in games.
09:11 – What makes a videogame morality system a good one?
13:40 – Fitting polar “good” and “bad” roles. Shades of gray. Missing out on aspects of gameplay.
17:00 – Embracing neutrality. Why have a morality system at all?
19:39 – From a narrative perspective rather than a gameplay perspective.
21:07 – Morrigan’s facade, and how women want to sleep with men who are mean to them. The morality of infidelity.
22:43 – Conversation DERAILED.
23:00 – Transposing one’s own morality onto characters who have a limited range of responses.
25:54 – Choices bridging multiple games in a series. How Mass Effect 2 will do this.
28:37 – Back to morality. Alternate definitions of right and wrong.
33:43 – Games that would be improved by adding or removing a morality system. Zelda? Shadow of the Colossus?
37:23 – Micro-consequences vs. game-changing choices. Obvious vs. ambiguous choices. Save/load tactic vs. forced closure.
40:59 – What do you want to see implemented in future games?
45:27 – Thanks, upcoming GamerNode STUFF, and outro.

Intro: “Mass Effect Theme” by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick for BioWare and EA Games’ Mass Effect, 2007. Outro: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” performed by David Seville, 1980.

Gameplay’s Uncanny Valley – http:/www.gamernode.com/columns/11-/8548-/index.html
GamerNode’s Twitter – http:/www.twitter.com/GamerNode
Eddie’s Twitter – http:/www.twitter.com/EddieInzauto
Jason’s Twitter – http:/www.twitter.com/bigmanfanelli


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