We speak with Bioshock game designer, Jordan Thomas

bioshockguyLate last week, GamerNode was honored to meet with Jordan Thomas, one of the designers of BioShock, to chat about Irrational Games’ upcoming title. We were able to see, first hand, just how things are shaping up with the game. If first impressions mean anything at all, we can say that BioShock looks like it’s turning into a very immersive and entertaining game.

The art direction is excellent — there is very close attention to detail, lighting, special effects and the backdrop of the city [Rapture} has a deep and graphically stunning look to it. But there’s more to BioShock than just great eye candy.

Thomas said, "BioShock is a game set in an underwater utopia [Rapture] that was built in the 1940’s and went horribly wrong over the course of 20 years. You start the game by crash landing outside [this city]. The game follows a mystery format…an adventure where you try to survive and discover the meaning behind the place and yourself…"

Individuals are trying to make a human paradise possible — a select group of people are invited to this domain…the best engineers, scientists, artists; the best of everything. But as this social experiment continues, something has gone "horribly wrong." The story is intriguing and sets the stage for some memorable horror survival moments and great action/adventure.

He said, "BioShock allows you to "mine" the space around you for the story as opposed to forcing it down your throat…In brief, you see things happening before your eyes, in other cases, you see a ghost in your peripheral vision. They are able to show you some history on what has gone wrong. Audio diaries, (tapes) are all over the place…slices of somebody’s life — and they are both touching and disturbing – they are about the people who tied up their lives in this place.

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