Xbox Live Indie Games back where they belong

The recent dashboard update for the Xbox 360 brought some new features and a whole bunch of cosmetic changes. People are happy for the most part with the new look and design, unless that is, you are part of the Xbox Live Arcade indie development scene. The whole Indie Games hub was relocated to the Specialty Shops section of the dashboard with the new update, and the indie developers were understandably upset. The Indie Games section is already a pretty obscure collection of games on the Xbox 360, and relocating them meant that the games were going to be even more obscure.

Microsoft said that the decision to move the hub was an attempt to make the games easier to find. It’s a confusing decision, trying to make games easier to find by moving them to a section that does not even contain the word "game," in it’s title, but Microsoft has been known to make some odd decisions in the past.

Microsoft listened to the criticisms though, and have moved the Indie Games back into the Games and Demos section.



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