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By Dan Crabtree, May 22, 2014 0 VG Review

Robots have not assumed control of our major cities and our children yet, but Rocksmith 2014 gets them one step closer. Unless you want to learn guitar from a video game and have fun doing it, don’t buy Rocksmith 2014… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, July 30, 2013 0 VG Review

I’m not quite sure what to make of Rush Bros. Granted, the idea of a rhythm platformer is interesting, with obstacles and background elements moving to the beat of the musical accompaniment. Watching platforms bounce and move to the rhythm… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, February 8, 2013 0 Videos

So what will Nodie-Award-winning composer Austin Wintory do with the Grammy he’s about to win (we hope) on Sunday? Well for one, he’s going to work on a level for Beatbuddy, the upcoming music-action game from THREAKS. Beatbuddy is currently in… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, January 28, 2013 0 GN

Celebrated videogame composer Normand Corbeil passed away on January 25 as a result of pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed with the disease back in August 2012. He was just 56 years old. Corbeil was best known for his work on… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, December 6, 2012 0 GN

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards nominees were announced last night and among them is thatgamecompany’s Journey, which received a nod for “Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media.” Austin Wintory, who composed Journey‘s original score, finds himself alongside legends such as… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, November 18, 2012 0 VG Review

I went into Orgarhythm not knowing exactly what to expect. The “rhythm strategy game” moniker was readily apparent on the download screen, but what does that entail? Essentially it boils down to timing and a rock, paper, scissors system. The… Read More »

By Aled Morgan, September 22, 2012 6 VG Review

Video games have come a long way in the past few decades. Once upon a time characters were no more than blocky abstractions. People were cubes, and bullets were smaller cubes. Later they became a handful of cubes – crude… Read More »

By Aled Morgan, July 23, 2012 0 GN

Kinect-enabled rhythm game, Dance Central 3, will be coming to Xbox 360 on October 19th. In addition to the release date announcement, Harmonix has also announced a handful of new tracks for the game. The track lists from Dance Central… Read More »

By Jason Fanelli, February 10, 2012 0 GN

If you’re no stranger to Rock Band 3, if you know the rules (and so do I), then make sure to never say goodbye to Harmonix’s music game this Valentine’s Day. Rock Band 3 is getting RickRolled. The 80s love… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, November 22, 2011 0 GN, Videos

Social rhythm game developer JamRT is taking its online Facebook title TubeHero to the iTunes App Store, creating a new version for iOS platforms where the player’s own iTunes library is the game’s track list. “Based on its patented technology… Read More »