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By GamerNode Staff, May 15, 2008 0 Columns

Ok, so we’ve all had ample time to play Grand Theft Auto 4 and I’m certain some readers have already finished the main story. I have played very little of the game. My roommate however has logged over 20 hours… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 14, 2008 0 Columns

I need to share this because it’s happening to me again. I will wake up with distinct memories from a videogame as if I had been playing it all night, but I know they were only dreams. What games have… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 13, 2008 0 Columns

I know you all have at least one piece of video game clothing. Each of us probably has more than one gaming related tee shirt, even if it says "everyone loves an Italian boy" with a picture of Mario on… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 12, 2008 0 Columns

Social interaction is becoming more and more a part of gaming today. Where previously console games had a max player limit of two, now games like Warhawk can put 32 players in one game over the good old Internet. While… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 11, 2008 0 Columns

I don’t know about the rest of you but my days are pretty hectic. Aside from writing for the good old GamerNode I also hold a regular old 40 hour a week job. It’s not necessarily 9-5 but it is… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 10, 2008 0 Columns

Let’s face it. We all have gone to the "bargain bin" to fish out some questionable games because they were cheap or on sale. Other times, we make an impulse buy on a game without really knowing too much about… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 9, 2008 0 Columns

Fighting games seem cyclical in nature, rising and falling in popularity by an invisible schedule. In the early 90s Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat reigned supreme (with King of Fighters and Virtua Fighter on the up and up), then other… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 8, 2008 0 Columns

There’s no question that the Wii is a bigger success than anyone imagined it would be–but is its time up? With most of the normal Nintendo giants out of the way–and still little to no third party support for the… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 7, 2008 0 Columns

World of Warcraft sits high atop the crowded MMO space; a facet of gaming where even the most anticipated games fade into obscurity. Blizzard’s MMO has such a vice grip on the genre, it seems that too many studios are… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 6, 2008 0 Columns

When the idea of the Daily Q was first pitched to me, today’s question was the very first thing that came to mind. With all of the hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV, I wonder how the gaming community views… Read More »