Greenpeace flunks Mario and Yoshi again

mario and yoshi flunkLast year in November, Greenpeace issued their report card and graded the top manufacturers of mobile phones, TVs, and game consoles according to its standards regarding the problem of environmental waste and clean manufacturing procedures.

The latest Guide to Greener Electronics is out and Mario and Yoshi have flunked out again–big time.

Nintendo scored eight zeros across nine categories which had to do with issues such as the use of toxic chemicals and recycling, timelines for phasing out toxic chemicals, producer responsibility, voluntary takeback, the amounts recycled and other factors. All in all Nintendo scored a 0.3 out of a possible 10 points.

Greenpeace chided Mario and Friends by saying:

"Nintendo remains the odd one out of the 18 companies in the Guide, without any public timelines to eliminate the worst toxic chemicals or a global recycling policy for the millions of products it sells every year. If Nintendo has better policies why not make them public like the other 17 companies in the Guide?

"We have requested information from Nintendo head offices several times and sent it the ranking in advance but have received no response."

Microsoft fared a little bit better while Sony ranked fourth out of 18 companies that were evaluated.

"Among Nintendo’s competitors, Microsoft [ranked sixteenth] improved its score to 4.7, mainly by bringing forwards its deadline to 2010 for eliminating toxic PVC and BFR’s. Sony [ranked fourth] remains the leading console maker on 7.3, but it has yet to introduce any green innovation in the PlayStation."

In the long run, although Mario and Yoshi have scored a one legged "A" from Greenpeace, the fact that Nintendo is selling Wiis and DS game consoles like candy probably helps to take the edge off of any guilt they may feel about all of this.

[via next-gen]


nintendo ranking
Graphic courtesy Greenpeace


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