No achievements for Xbox Original games

major nelsonThere have already been reports that the new downloadable Xbox Original games have a few problems, but another issue has been brought up recently and it has to do with achievements for the titles.

On Major Nelson’s blog, aka Larry Hryb, the Director of Programming for XBL, it was announced that no achievements would be included in these games.

Hryb said on his blog:

"I have gotten quite a few questions about yesterday’s Xbox Originals announcement. Specifically, folks want to know if these games will have additional functionality like Achievements and Gamer score. The answer is no.

"[The announcement said] ‘These are the original games that were created before Xbox 360. In order to preserve the integrity of the original gaming experience they provide, they will have the features available at the time of their initial release.’ I hope that clears that up.

"I know it’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but I thought it would be best to get clear up an misunderstanding up right up front. I’ll talk more about it on my show this week. Would it have been cool? Sure it would …but as many folks have noted, for a variety of reasons it’s just not possible. :( "

One thing that can be said of Major Nelson–he’s forthright and to the point, which is pretty refreshing in a world dominated by corporate PR spin doctors.


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